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FINANCE Leasing – D8 Fitness

Finance Leasing


We know the cost of upgrading or outfitting your gym with new equipment is steep. We have a solution for you.


D8 Fitness can now offer you a financing option backed up by a professional finance leasing company. By financing your purchase, you can make affordable monthly payments on your gym equipment.


To Qualify: Businesses must have been in operation for 12 months or more, whether as a sole trader or an Ltd Business. You must be able to show that you have had no negative bank transactions for the past 3 months consecutively. You will be required to submit bank statements from the three most recent months directly to the leasing company.


Whether improving the equipment at your PT studio, Gym, existing sports club or commercial athletic facility, we have solutions that are much kinder to your cash flow.


If you’d like more information, simply send us email with your shopping list and we will get back to you.


Please Note: D8 Fitness works independent from any finance company we may put you in touch with and has no say in your credit approval. Further, we do not have access to any personal information collected by the finance company nor are we privy to any communications between you and the finance company, including whether or not your financing request was approved or declined.

2 Responses to “FINANCE Leasing – D8 Fitness”

  1. Ciaran Sweeney says:

    Hi I just wondering how much would it cost for 2 concept rowers on finance?

    We are in business over a year and have zero negative balance, since opening our doors.

    If you could get back to us with a price per month on finance that would be great thanks.

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