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A fun addition to any workout, a medicine ball is ideal for plyometric training, circuits and sport-specific strength training. These exercise tools help to improve core strength and coordination, requiring explosive power to get the results expected.

About this Medicine Ball

This tough, durable ball comes in a variety of weights, from 1kg to 10kg, so that you can work your way up through different exercises. Weighted on the inside, these are a solid, reliable way to boost strength, starting slow at the lightest ball. The thick material ensures that this is a ball that will last through many workouts. Meanwhile, the textured surface increases your grip potential, reducing any chance of injury.

Why You Need This Product

There are a number of uses for weighted medicine balls. They are often used by physiotherapists to aid in rehabilitation since the gentle weight is a great way to strengthen weakened muscles. They are also a useful tool for core training. Use them to perform Russian twists, side twists and figure eights.

You can actually train every single muscle in your body using a medicine ball. Your shoulders will benefit from two arm wall passes, while weighted push-ups are wonderful for the chest. Hold a heavier ball to boost your squats and lunges. It should be noted, however, that these balls are not suitable for slam exercises.

Medicine balls are a big part of boxing training, alongside skipping ropes and punch bags. They help to build strength so that the athletes are super fit and focused. The best part of working out with these exercise tools, is that they can add an extra element of fun to your session. Throw backwards and forwards with a partner for a sociable work out, or play catch with yourself to bring more excitement to your strength training.


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