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If you are looking for something new to enhance your daily workouts, the Balance Pods Pump might be just what you need! Made to add an extra layer of difficulty to your yoga and pilates moves, these pods come with a bumpy side and a smooth side to add variety to your options.

About the Balance Pods Pump

These cool gym accessories are made with strong, durable PVC material, to ensure they are able to take your weight and condition your core for longer. Each one measures 17.5cm and comes with an inflation pump for ease of use. Once inflated, the pods resemble dome shapes. They can be inflated as hard or as soft as you need, allowing you to adjust the difficulty of your workouts. Use bumpy side up for the simplest of exercises, using one or two at a time as required. To upgrade your movements even further, place the dome at the base to test your stability and core.

Since these pods are small and light, they travel easily, making them great for workouts on the go. They don’t take up much room in your gym storage area either, making them a great addition to your home exercises.

What Exercises Can I Do?

The Balance Pods Pump are great for any exercises that force you to focus on your core. Use them for your hands or feet during a plank or push up. Alternatively, place them under your feet while you squat to encourage your feet out of your comfort zone.

These pods are ideal for all fitness levels, helping to rehabilitate after injury or test the fitness of beginners. The complementary training eBook is full of ideas on how you can makes these Balance Pods Pump work for you. There are also some suggestions on the box.

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