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If you can master the Ab Exercise Wheel then you have the power to conquer the world! This tricky bit of fitness equipment targets the core while working the rest of the body for a true conditioning and strengthening workout.

About the Ab Exercise Wheel

This clever double-wheel contraption provides one of the toughest movements in any cardio circuit. The additional wheel aids in creating a stable glide across a flat surface. Meanwhile, the foam handles have been crafted for the most comfortable grip. This also helps to reduce any pressure or strain on the hands so that you can roll for longer. For an extra challenge, this wheel has foot straps, enabling you to work the glutes and surrounding muscles.

There is also a pad to kneel on to support the knees. This also removes any excuses for not using your Ab Exercise Wheel!

Who Can Use An Ab Roller

This Ab Exercise Wheel might offer one of the toughest workouts but it is a great choice for beginners and workout pros alike. The stronger your core gets, the further you will be able to push the wheels, so that your abs are constantly engaged and working to their maximum capacity. It is this pressure that will help you to sculpt the toned abs or six-pack that you are hoping for.

The ab roller is very compact and lightweight, so that you can take it anywhere you might go. So long as you have a flat surface to work on, you can use your exercise wheel. When finished, it is small enough to pack away ready for the next session.

Your Ab Exercise Wheel comes with full instructions on how to use it and there are lots of videos online to give you more ideas for your workout. It is important to pay attention to your form, in order to avoid hurting your back.

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