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For rock-hard abs-of-steel, the Bear Komplex Ab Wheel is unrivalled! Whether you want a comprehensive full ab workout, or simply want to add a tricky ab element to your workout circuits, this tool is ready for action!

About the Bear KompleX Ab Wheel

This wheel might look like a simple contraption but it can have a very effective impact on your abs. Created to help you gain and maintain a six-pack, it has been constructed from the toughest of materials. It is designed to last a very long time with stainless steel handles that help prevent slipping as the tension builds in your abs. The wheel is made from the toughest rubber, gripping the floor to ensure you have full control over each movement. This reduces any likelihood of injury while improving your ability to work your core to the maximum. The Bear KompleX Ab Wheel is a smart, compact product that can be used anywhere, anytime – all you need is a flat surface!

How to Use Your Wheel

The most popular exercise with an ab roller is to kneel on the floor holding the wheel out in front of you. As you push the wheel away from you, squeeze your abs in and get as close to the floor as you can. The stronger your abs are, the further away you will be able to push the wheel. When you reach as far as you can, roll the wheel back to your starting position.

Be careful to keep your arms and back straight and move slowly for the most concentrated effect. Beginners might like to practice rolling into a wall in order to measure their improvement. Although this is an exercise that might seem very difficult at first, you can quickly improve your posture and strength.

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