Adidas Bag Gloves – Climacool – 12oz

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Adidas Bag Gloves – ClimaCool – 12oz

Regardless of your skill level, you will find the boxing gloves you need in the Adidas Bag Gloves with ClimaCool technology.

What makes the Adidas Bag Gloves special? Adidas has designed the gloves to absorb perspiration that can weigh gloves down. As a result, each bag glove stays supple and flexible while sparring or training. You’ll retain full mobility without the glove hardening or drying as the sweat dries.

How do they work? The Adidas ClimaCool Bag Glove construction features air channels from the interior of the glove. Sweat produced as you train or spar is wicked off your hands and absorbed by the IMF-grade foam padding of each glove. The absorbed moisture evaporates as it travels the air channels. You can pound the bags harder or spar longer without sweat weighting down the gloves or chafing your skin.

The Adidas ClimaCool Bag Glove is also durable. The gloves’ exterior is made of 100% Pu duractec artificial leather. This keeps the gloves’ surface from scratching and helps prevent against nicks or divets. They’re also easy to clean, and won’t show stains.

Elasticated wrist bands on each Adidas bag glove cuff makes it easy to take the gloves on and off while ensuring a snug but flexible fit. The top-side of each glove features the signature Adidas stripes while the wristband sports the recognizable Adidas logo.

All in all, the Adidas Bag Gloves with ClimaCool technology are a prime example of the brand’s superior quality and craftsmanship. Your hands will stay cool and dry while hitting the bags or sparring in the ring.


  • A functional bag glove for users of any skill level
  • Crafted from 100% Pu duractec artificial leather
  • Clima Cool technology features air channels that wick away moisture
  • IMF Foam padding ensures breathability during workouts
  • Slip-on elastic wristband offers snug but comfortable fit that keeps gloves in place
  • Color: Black w/ white Adidas-branded accents
  • Size: Small/Medium

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