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There comes a time in every full-body workout when you need to hit the adjustable bench in order to work the core or lift some weights. When that time comes, this is one of the most reliable choices, ideal for long-term commercial gym use.

About this Commercial Grade Adjustable Bench

This barbell bench is a high quality budget option for the smaller gym environment. Giving you six different reclined options, the back rest can be easily moved up and down to suit your movement. This gives you the opportunity to work on an incline or a decline, or a flat position. The seat is adjustable too, allowing you to find the most comfortable position for your body.

If you wish to test the bench in different areas of the gym, you can use the convenient transportation wheels and handle. This makes it easy to move around and put away when not in use. The frame is very heavy duty, ensuring the most durable finish, and the adjustable bench weighs 24.5kg. This means these additional features are essential for easy movement.

We offer a one year warranty for businesses on this product.

How to Use this Product

This bench is great for a number of different weight exercises including chest presses and tricep dips using dumbbells or barbells. Try adjusting the incline and decline slightly to target different muscles. When sat upright, the adjustable bench is great for overhead lift support so that you don’t put too much pressure on your back. When completely flat, you can also perform a number of abs exercises.

You can combine this bench with a squat rack, smith machine or power rack to increase your exercise options. This is a key part of any professional gym, providing a little variety and freedom in unassisted workouts.

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