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The Adjustable Door Bar allows you to bring a key element of the gym into your home. With no need for any special tools or equipment, you can set up your bar for pull-ups, leg lifts and many other exercises.

About Your Bar

One of the most popular exercise aids at the gym, a high bar can help to train the upper body with a range of movements. This door bar brings this tool into your home. Simple to set up, the door bar adjusts to the width of the door opening for a firm, reassuring hold. We do recommend, however, that you don’t try to add any load over 140kg/310lbs.

The adjustable door bar is made of chromed steel for a stylish finish. This material is also important for ensuring a sturdy, durable product that will last for many years of training. It has been vigorously tested with loads well over the stated maximum weight, so we are confident in the ability of this heavy duty bar.

For the most comfortable hold, this telescopic horizontal bar has been given a non-slip foam handle. This high-density handguard helps to reduce pain and hand fatigue when gripping. This helps to ensure success when training.

How to Use Your Adjustable Door Bar

To set up your bar, be sure to use a spirit level for the most accurate fit. It can be mounted without affecting the use of the door and includes a clever locking mechanism for safety. With the right setup, there should be no chance of the bar becoming loose or moving about.

Once in place, the adjustable door bar can be used for many popular exercises. Do pulls ups, push ups, sits up and leg lifts with this useful home gym tool.

Sizes available: Red bar 65cm – 90cm, Blue bar 90cm – 120cm 

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