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The Ammonia Sport Athletic Smelling Salts are perfect for those times when you are feeling low on motivation, giving you a much-needed boost of adrenaline so you can hit your exercise goals. A quick sniff is all it takes to improve performance for a short amount of time. Sometimes you need to work smarter to work harder.

About Ammonia Sport Athletic Smelling Salts

Ammonia Sport Athletic Smelling Salts, sometimes known as nose tork, are are completely safe and legal. International athletes use these innocent-looking salts to aid in their quest to win medals and score victories. A combination of chemicals make up the salts, reacting together to release ammonia gas. The amount of gas released is small, and the mixture completely safe to inhale, but the result is fantastic. The gas stimulates the blood vessels as it travels up the nose, to create a short-lived explosion of energy that is incredibly effective.

Smelling salts were used back in Roman times, as a remedy for fainting. Their usefulness has not been lost on athletes, who have used these products for many years. Smelling salts are also a great relief for light-headedness, helping you to refresh and refocus.

With 23 ampules in each tub, this is a must-have product for intermediate to advanced athletes.

What Makes Ammonia Sport Athletic Smelling Salts so Special?

When working with chemicals, it is important to have strict and demanding quality control measures in place. Ammonia Sport are stringent in their testing processes, checking twice daily to ensure their salts are untainted and perfectly safe for human inhalation. Created with sports use in mind, they are ideal for anyone who trains regularly and is in need of a little help to reach their highest plateau. Use only as directed and never use in place of professional medical advice.


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