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This ankle support has comfort and stability in mind – a fantastic choice for anyone suffering with weak or delicate ankles. This secure brace works to immobilise the joint so that it can heal and strengthen without stress.

About the Elite Ankle Support

This fabric strap is crafted to the highest standards from breathable, durable nylon and neoprene. The airflow material allows for a breathable product that helps prevent overheating and sweating under the support. The clever design fits ankles of all shapes and sizes, whether it is your left or right leg that needs additional support. The blue unisex style is bright and cheerful and you can easily adjust it for the tightest fit for maximum compression. The detachable figure-of-eight strap allows you to customise your support so that you can keep comfortable as you heal.

The Elite Ankle Support is a MHRA Class 1 Registered Medical Device and CE approved. It is suitable for grade I and II injuries and should be used upon the advice of a medical professional. Full instructions on how to secure the strap are included.

How Does it Work?

Ideal for both prevention and rehabilitation of injury, this ankle support is an invaluable tool for your weakened ankle. The intention is to prohibit the movement of the foot inwards, helping to strengthen the ankle. This limitation of movement prevents the injury from worsening so you can continue your daily activities while the area heals. Any issues with the lower part of your leg can quickly become a problem further up the body, weakening your knees and hips. This is why you should always address ankle issues straight away.

Compression and warming of the joint helps to reduce swelling, which in turn reduces the pain you feel. Ankle supports are easy to take on and off, so you can wear whenever you feel necessary.

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