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Speed up your post-workout recovery with the Applied Nutrition BCAA powder. This sugar-free formula aims to boost your progress while supplying your body with essential branched-chain amino acids.

About Applied Nutrition BCAA

The Amino-Hydrate formula works to help you grow stronger, leaner muscles with shorter periods of fatigue. It also includes electrolytes that refuel after a heavy session, replacing the salts and minerals that your body loses through sweat. It also includes citrulline, which is a non-essential amino acid that can really boost your energy levels after a tough workout.

Each tub of Applied Nutrition BCAA includes 450g of powder, which is around 32 servings. It is free from calories, carbohydrates and sugars, making it ideal for anyone who is watching their weight. Mix 14g with around 500ml of water after every workout to see faster results. This formula comes in lots of delicious flavours, including Orange and Mango, Lemon and Lime and Watermelon.

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