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If you are trying to up your daily calorie count, Applied Nutrition – Mass Gain is the supplement for you! It provides you with high-quality calories that will help you to sculpt the body you want.

About Applied Nutrition – Mass Gain

Bulk up those muscles with a food supplement that gives them exactly what you need, while providing you with the calories required to work harder than ever before. Building muscle is as much about the fuel you consume as it is about the exercises you do. This protein shake powder is high in both protein and carbohydrates for a powerful boost to energy and power.

This Halal Certified powder is the perfect partner to Applied Nutrition’s iDrive™ Insulin Driver. It is best consumed 1-3 times a day and is easy to prepare. Simply add 150g to 500ml milk or water and shake to enjoy!

What’s on the Ingredients List?

The high-quality ingredients list includes ISO-XP 95% Whey Protein Isolate. This milk-based protein is well-known for its ability to help with the growth and repair of the muscles after intense workouts. The whey formula of Applied Nutrition – Mass Gain is enhanced with HMB, or Hydroxymethylbutyrate, and glutamine. These ingredients have both been shown to encourage muscle growth.

Leucine and creatine are also in the mix. All these ingredients are popular in protein powders and supplements due to their ability to speed up recovery and strengthen the muscles. Creatine is particularly effective for consumption before short periods of intense exercise. It provides an energy boost that enhances performance.

CLA and MCT powder are also in the mix, enhancing the fat content of the formula. Finally, chromium helps to boost the macronutrient metabolism, improving the body’s insulin response and lowering blood pressure.

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