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Put your fitness levels to the ultimate test with the Assault AirRower. Made to take on the toughest of workout regimes over a prolonged period of time, this machine is essential for any commercial gym.

About the Assault AirRower

This is a rowing machine that outshines the competition, created by professional athletes and experts. The result is a stunning steel frame contraption, weighted to ensure stability with every row. Incredibly durable, it boasts a dual stage chain and belt drive and comfortable sweat-proof seat.  You’ll find adjustable steel foot plates and a strong aluminium beam, as well as multi-grip handles for a customised ride.

Situate the Assault AirRower anywhere in the gym, since it is completely human-powered with no need for plug sockets. Without electricity, the carbon footprint of this machine is virtually non-existent. Meanwhile, you’ll notice no difference to your power bills.

Why You Should be Rowing

The ideal exercise for absolutely everyone, the Assault AirRower delivers a full body workout with every stroke. Testing up to 86% of all the muscles in your body, it is also great for your heart and lungs. A cardio machine mixed with a little bit of body weight makes this a fantastic all-rounder.

It is also suited to every fitness level and ability. Whether you are looking to rehabilitate your muscles after illness or injury, or you are a pro-athlete trying to stay on top of your game, the Assault AirRower is here for you. Take it slow and gentle, allowing the low-impact exercise to carefully encourage your muscles to work. Or, see how fast and hard you can go, putting your heart rate in the fat-burning zone in seconds.

Its great for your mind too, helping to shake the stresses and strains of the day with a meditative smooth movement. There is no reason NOT to use the Assault AirRower!

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