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Loosen tight muscles and remove all the kinks from your back after a tough workout with the Back Baller Roller. The BackBaller® massages key points on your back to help prevent stiffness and pain after exercise.

About the BackBaller®

This clever piece of kit takes the power of foam rollers and increases their effectiveness and ability to target certain muscles in the back. With dual-mounted foam rollers, the back baller roller is able to knead deep into the tissue for best results. Each roller has a toothed surface, blunted for comfort. Mounted on two steel ball bearings, the effect is smooth and far more stable than you would get from a single foam roller. The whole unit sits on non-slip pads made of textured neoprene. Finally, the shape is contoured to ensure no pressure is put on the spine. The overall effect is ergonomic and enjoyable.

If you have a certain area you want to work on, the high-density foam rollers can be removed for more efficient targeting. You will experience immediate relief from tension and tightness when using this product.

How to Use the Back Baller Roller

When you can’t get to the masseuse, enjoy a relaxing, rehabilitating roller at home! Use for relief after exercise, or when working to increase flexibility or mobility in the back and legs. The clever design will work out all those knots and any tension you might be feeling.

To use your back baller roller, simply lie down on top of the unit and gently move your body up and down. The soft EVA will roll on the steel rollers, aiding your movement. As this happens, the toothed surface with massage deep into your muscles, providing relief.

A great tool for use after injury, this roller helps to strengthen weak muscles. It is used by many professional athletes who swear by the results it gives.

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