Back Trigger Point Stretcher


The Abdominal & Back Trigger Point Stretcher has been specifically designed to target the abdominal muscle groups whilst working on your obliques and lower back.

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The Back Trigger Point Stretcher is a useful aid in building abs of steel and rehabilitating the core. Simple, but effective, this clever product helps to reach those deeper tissues through trigger point stimulation.

About the Back Trigger Point Stretcher

Made of high-quality EVA foam, this contoured product supports the back during a variety of abdominal exercises. This offers an all-round core workout that efficiently boosts strength and stability in the body. The pyramid-shaped nodules provide a comfortable backrest while working deep into the tissues to stimulate the muscles inside. These medium-firm trigger points massage the back while working to stretch out that sensitive area of the body.

The black, elegant Back Trigger Point Stretcher measures 29cm x 30cm x 9cm and is incredibly lightweight. This makes it easier to store and transport, so you can take it on holiday or to the gym.

Why Do You Need to Stretch Your Back?

This simple contraption is incredibly useful in its ability to relieve back pain and strengthen the core. Whether pain is caused by chronic or acute ailments, a back stretcher can be as effective as some yoga poses. When the muscles are relaxed, they stretch a little bit more, providing you with a delightful therapeutic position. The trigger points help to massage and comfort the back, while you stretch your arms above your head, offering instant relief. As you reach your arms away, each vertebrae in the spine can get a little more air between them for a delicious feeling. This makes it particularly good for ailments caused by compression, such as sciatica.

If you are using the Back Trigger Point Stretcher as a workout tool, you will target more core muscles with each movement. Simply perform your abs exercise while leaning against the stretcher for a more comprehensive muscle attack.


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