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The Balance Core Round Air Dome will bring an added element of fun and entertainment to your workout. Designed to boost your routine and challenge your entire body, it combines balance and endurance with body weight and rehabilitation moves.

About the Balance Core Round Air Dome

This unique dome has a carefully considered design, made to create variety within your workouts. The PVC material is strong and durable, able to support your weight on both sides of the dome. This product is reversible, with one side acting as a wobble board and the other doubling up as half a gym ball. This means you can perform a wide variety of exercises that work the entire body.

The attachable tubing on the Balance Core Round Air Dome allows you to get your arms involved in the movement. Meanwhile, the TPR anti-slip base on the dome helps you to maintain your stability. The reverse also has a non-slip surface. At 60cm wide and 25cm tall, this is an imposing piece of equipment that is sure to become a home-gym favourite.

The dome is supplied with a hand pump for easy inflation.

How to use this Product

There are so many ways to use this incredible dome. The box includes details of a free downloadable booklet that contains over 3o exercises for beginners and to do on the Balance Core Round Air Dome. You can work your legs by squatting while standing on the flat side. Just standing and tilting the board is great for your stability and ankle strength. Turn the board over so the round side is face up and you can perform press-ups while your feet rest on the dome. You can also do a number of abs exercises like sit ups and russian twists while sitting on top of the dome. There are so many different possibilities!

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