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If you are looking to test and improve your stability, a Balance Pad might be just the tool for you! Created to make it a little more difficult to undertake certain exercises, this pad forces your body to over-compensate. This boosts your center of gravity so that you become more stable.

About the Balance Pad

A simple tool for all fitness levels, this small blue pad is deceiving in its appearance. Made of thick TPE material, this square pad will challenge your balancing muscles. Unlike other balance aids, the pad requires more of the muscles in your feet to work. Balance beams and other such tools tend to focus on the stability of the ankle. By using both in conjunction with each other, you are able to train the whole lower leg to create optimum balance.

This Balance Pad is incredibly lightweight, so you can pick it up and take it to the gym with you. It is also a great accessory to have for when you are travelling, since you can use this portable product anywhere. The water repellent material is very easy to clean – just give it a quick wipe down after each session.

Why You Should Work on Stability

Balance and stability is an important part of our every day life. Whenever we stand up or take a step forward, we rely on our inner stability to keep us upright. Of course, this is something you do every day without thinking about it too much, so you might think your balance is just fine.

If you participate in any kind of fitness activity, then it is important to keep working on stabilizing muscles. Using products such as a Balance Pad can help strengthen your core muscles, improve coordination and prevent injury. The more you work on stability, the more effective your other fitness regimes will be!

Colour: Blue
Product Dimensions: 48cm x 40cm x 6cm
Main Material: TPR
Packed Weight: 921g

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