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A fun challenge for experienced athletes and those new to exercise, you’ll want to master the Balance Roller Board. A simple tool that works on balance, core strength, posture and coordination, you can use this while watching TV or talking to friends! Can you become a balance board pro?!

About the Balance Roller Board

This clever bit of kit has been made to test your balance, improving your stability and core strength at the same time. Essentially a plank of hardwood that has been attached to a cylinder, it has many features that will help make this fun, rather than a chore! The wood has been toughened to create a non-slip surface that is slightly textured. This helps you to get a firm foothold before you get started. The cylinder is swathed in tufted material that prevents the roller board moving around. It can also be removed if you choose to use the board in a different way.

Increase the intensity by adding one or both of the included wooden slats to your balance roller board. The screws are provided so you can add these with ease. Whether you choose to add this to your workout or as a fun addition to your evening TV routine, this is a great exercise tool for all levels.

How to Use Your Board

A key training tool for snowboarders, skateboarders, surfers and sailors, the balance roller board will help to improve your balance and coordination. It will help increase strength in the muscles required to take part in these sports, while also improving your posture.

To use your board, simply step on! Once you have got the hang of that, practice shifting your body from side-to-side. Make sure the board doesn’t touch the floor on either side and you are doing it! As you get better, you’ll be able to move faster and with more control.

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