BarAides 2.0 Hand Protection (Sold in Pairs)


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BarAides 2.0 Hand Protection

Hand protection for functional fitness, BarAides keep your hands safe from tears and rips during your workout.

It goes hand-n-hand. Protection for your hands when you’re just not ready to quit. “For the dainty hand, there is no better brand than BarAides! These hand protectors durable, developed specifically for high-intensity workouts, protecting against tears and abrasions. BarAides includes expandable finger holes (“one size fits most”) and a proprietary polymer core.

BarAides are unique for there ergonomic design and can be used in every type of sport where a good grip is required, everything from pull-ups to rope climbs, Oly lifts, kettlebell lifts.

Layered with Polymer core, which is incorporated to improve tear resistance and overall longevity of the grips, while its flexibility allows athletes to stretch the grip close to its original shape if it gets bunched up during a workout.

With the universal finger holes, you can also quickly remove the grip from your fingers, mid-workout, to open up access to the palms.

Regular use of BarAides not only protects your hands but also gains back the gym time you otherwise might have lost due to ripped up skin. This means a more productive, longer lasting workout with potentially greater long-term results.

  • Engineered for the novice to experienced competitor
  • Length 9″
  • Colour White
  • Sold in Pairs
  • One size fits all
  • Orignal BarAids product

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