Heavy Duty Barbell Pad in Black


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Heavy Duty Barbell Pad (Black)

Perform squats or hip thruster with confidence with our official D8 Barbell Pad, now available online and in store from D8 Fitness.

This heavy duty barbell pad is crafted from high-quality, high-density materials. The heavy-duty foam rubber increases durability and elongates the pad’s shelf life. It is thicker than most other barbell pads on the market, as well, and offers total shock absorbency for added comfort and reduced injury.

In addition, its ergonomic design distributes weight evenly across your shoulders. This, in turn, relieves pressure on your vertebrae and neck while performing squats. As a result, you can focus on your form rather than potential pain. The cordura anti-slip fabric ensures a secure grip between the barbell and your shoulders, reducing the risk of slippage.

Perform barbell squats, hip thrusters and other exercises with our heavy duty barbell pad. The diameter of this pad is 2.75 inches and the hole is 0.75 inches and adjusts to fit the inch bars. Keep in mind that this product is perfect for a bar bell but can also fit to some curl bars.

Key Features of the Heavy Duty Barbell Pad:

  • Ergonomic barbell pad design for even weight distribution across the shoulders
  • Relieves neck pressure while performing squats and other exercises
  • Made from high-quality, high-density, thick foam rubber for increased durability. 
  • Fits any 48mm 2″ bar without movement. 
  • Anti-Slip matte finish reduces risk of slippage and increases grip on the shoulders.
  • Cover made from washable velcro
  • Perfect size to fit in your gym bag!
  • Washable Cordura fabric
  • Suitable for 2″ & 1″ bars

Protect your shoulders and perform squats with confidence with our brand-new official D8 Fitness Heavy Duty Barbell Pad. Order it online for fast shipping throughout the Ireland and Europe or stop in to the shop to get a look at it in person. You won’t find a better pad on the market.


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