Bear KompleX – No Hole Speed Grips

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Keep your fingers free and your grip tight with the Bear KompleX No Hole Speed Grips. These high-quality exercise accessories will help to improve your weight-lifting technique while protecting your palms.

About the Bear KompleX No Hole Speed Grips

The lightweight carbon fiber material of these grips is so strong and unique that it has been patented by Bear KompleX. While your fingers are no longer restricted, your wrist is stabilized, making for a more controlled lift. Your palms are also protected from overexposure to the weight or bar, which can cause chapped skin and callouses.

These grips are as sticky as they are durable. The clever material helps maintain a secure grip on any bar, whether it is slick or powder coated. This versatility makes them ideal for absolutely any weight-lifting competition or scenario. The custom wrist strap is made for comfort. It won’t dig into your wrist but it will ensure the grips stay in place as you exercise.

The Bear KompleX No Hole Speed Grips are double stitched. This enables them to withstand the wear and tear that comes from the most intense training sessions. If you don’t like having the finger holes in your grips, then these may be the ultimate alternative.

How to Use These Grips

It is important to ensure you buy the right size for your hands. To do this, measure the distance from the crease of your wrist to the base of your middle finger. If the figure is less than 4.25″, choose a small pair of grips. Medium grips are for those figures up to 4.75″, while large is up to 5.25″. Anything over this is extra large. Make sure you have got the right size before use.

The Bear KompleX No Hole Speed Grips are ideal for CrossFit workouts, gymnastics and any kind of weight lifting.

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