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The Bear KompleX Speed Jump Rope is set to revolutionise your Cross Fit workouts! Designed to increase your skipping speed while working on body conditioning, coordination, agility and endurance, this is an essential tool for any athlete.

About the Bear KompleX Speed Jump Rope

This high-quality speed rope is ready to adapt to any user. With an adjustable coated wire rope you can quickly change the length to suit your height. This ensures you will be able to skip at your very best, performing double-unders, side swings or criss-crosses with ease. Although these cables have been made to last, the set comes with a spare, to ensure you can stay skipping for longer. You can also work your Bear Komplex Speed Jump Rope to the absolute maximum, confident that you can replace the cable if necessary.

The durable aluminium handles are made with care too. Choose from a black or blue design, reinforced with speed bearings to allow you to skip faster. They are self-locking for ease and can be adjusted to suit your hands in seconds. The whole set comes in a convenient storage box so you can keep your rope clean, safe and dry.

Why Choose a Speed Rope?

Skipping has long been hailed as one of the best cardio exercises for an all-over body workout. It boosts the heart rate very quickly, increasing metabolism and burning fat. It is a great exercise for both beginners and seasoned athletes – boxers and Cross Fit enthusiasts use it regularly.

However, a speed rope differs slightly from the traditional jump rope. It is not weighted like a jump rope. Instead, a speed rope focuses on speed and technique, rather than calorie-burning. If you are looking to improve your skipping technique, the Bear Komplex Speed Jump Rope is ideal.

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