Bear KompleX Weight Lifting Belt



Keep your back free from pain and support your core muscles with the Bear KompleX Weight Lifting Belt. This durable, tough waist support prevents the over-straining of muscles in the lumbar region as you work to lift heavier weights above your head.

About the Bear KompleX Weight Lifting Belt

An unstoppable combination of thick real leather and meticulous double stitching means this is a belt that will last. It has a dual prong buckle, ensuring it sits snug and secure on your waist. No matter how tough your workout, this belt won’t shift out of position, so you can exercise with confidence. Ideal for both beginners and pro-lifters, the Bear KompleX Weight Lifting Belt is lightweight and easily portable. An essential part of your gym kit that you can take with you wherever you go!

Why Do You Need a Lifting Belt?

Lifting weights can put a lot of strain on your lower back and core. While this will build up your muscles in this area, it also puts you at risk of severe damage. The Bear KompleX Weight Lifting Belt is designed to prevent hyperextension in this area, so you can lift safely. Even beginners can benefit from using a weight belt, since it provides support and compression around the abs, helping you to squeeze the core in the right way for best success.

For some, wearing a weight lifting belt is simply a tool of comfort while exercising. Knowing it is there and keeping your core in line can give you the confidence to push a little harder than usual. A leather belt such as this is generally recommended for more serious athletes, with a little experience in using supportive tools. Easy to use and a stylish accompaniment to your gym outfit, this is the best weight lifting belt on the market!

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