Bison Competition Plates 140kg Set


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Bison Competition Plates – 140kg Set (Colors)

Love Bison Competition Plates? Then you’ll really love these new improved versions. Buy them now online or in store from D8 Fitness in Dublin, Ireland.

New improved features include richer, more vibrant colours. Further, they come with a higher UV resistance as well as a greater resistance to scuffs and marks. Your plates look better longer as a result!

This all-in-one bumper plated set is perfect for WODs and Olympic lifting. The multi-colored plates consist of durable, low-bounce rubber. This makes them ideal for gym or class settings because they make less noise when dropped. Further, they don’t scuff floors. The plates also feature thick stainless steel inserts that hold up to repeated use and abuse. As a result, they are a sound long-term investment.
Color coding differentiates the Bison Competition Plates according to their weights. Athletes, trainers and coaches love them, because they are easy to identify. Consequently, adding or changing weights during a workout is quicker and simpler.
With a new colour screen printed design and logo, new look Olympic Competition Bison™ Bumper Plates are a stylish step up from previous versions.

Designed to Professional Standards

Designed and tested to comply with all IWF standards, Bison’s new manufacturing process creates a much cleaner lined plate. The new Bison Competition Plates also benefit from a higher quality finish than previously, as well. Each and every disc is calibrated to within weight tolerances of no more than +/- 10 grams of stated weight. Bumper plates have been drop-tested from a height of 2500mm more than 30000 times! Every plate is calibrated to within the weight tolerances as detailed below;

  • Bumper Plate Diameter: All size: 450mm+ – 1.5 mm
  • Bumper Plate Thickness: All size +- 1 mm
    • 10kg: 30 mm
    • 15kg: 40 mm
    • 20kg: 51 mm
    • 25kg: 67 mm
  • Bumper Plate Weight tolerance: + – 5 gram.
  • Bumper Plate Hardness:
    • 10kg: 92 ShA
    • 15kg: 88 ShA
    • 20kg: 85 ShA
    • 25kg: 85 ShA

3 Year Limited Warranty when used on Correct Protective Flooring.

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