Bison Elite Women’s 25mm x 6ft x 15kg Olympic WL Bar


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Bison Elite Women’s 6ft 15kg


For a weightlifting bar that combines both quality and value, look no further than the Bison Elite Women’s Olympic Bar from D8 Fitness.


As part of our fantastic range of Bison™ Bars, the Bison Elite is a 6ft bar designed specifically for female weightlifters. It meets all the international standards for weightlifting equipment requirements for competitions. It’s also a great bar to train with.


What makes the the Bison Elite Women’s Olympic Bar from D8 Fitness so special? To begin with, it has a slightly more aggressive knurling than our other bars, making it a CrossFitter’s dream. There is no centre knurling and its sleeves are slightly ribbed. These unique features make for the best collar grip using either spring or lock jaw collars.


The other defining feature of the Bison Elite Women’s 6ft 15kg is its quality construction. Its shaft is made from manganese phosphate, a high-strength alloy that’s weight-tested to a 1200 lb. capacity and 216,000 psi. The sleeves are composed of fine-grooved chrome and feature two self-lubricating alloy bushings arranged in an interlocking design. These elements work together to enhance the overall structural integrity of the bar.


This is the same bar that’s helped others qualify for the European Master Championships. It gets consistently raving reviews both online and at industry marketplaces like Leisure Industry Week. If you want to train and compete like the professionals, then the Bison Elite Women’s Olympic Bar from D8 Fitness



  • 2 Year Warranty when used on Correct Protective Flooring


Key Features

  • Material: High strength alloy shaft (1200 lb capacity, 216,000 psi)
  • Structure: Multi-interlocking design with two alloy bushings in each sleeve
  • Sleeves: Self lubricating bushing; Slightly ribbed for improved collar grip
  • Knurling: IWF knurling (medium); Dual spec deep fine knurling; No Centre Knurling
  • Surface: Manganese Phosphate (black) shaft, Chrome fine grooved sleeves



  • Overall Length: 201cm
  • Total Weight: 15kg
  • Shaft Diameter: 25mm
  • Inner Collar Width: 30mm
  • Plate Loading Area: 310mm
  • Distance between Inner Collars: 130.5cm



Additional information

Weight 30 kg


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