Bison Hybrid Ball – Put Some Bounce in Your Workout

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The Bison Hybrid Ball might be the most exciting piece of equipment in the gym. It is a great aid to many exercises, including floor slams, Russian twists and weighted squats, proving its versatility. This ball will add a lot of fun to every workout.

Slam That Ball!

The Bison Hybrid Ball is super durable, crafted with longevity in mind. No matter how hard you slam it to the floor or throw it against the wall, it will bounce back harder, stronger and faster than before. Designed to keep you on your toes, you’ll get hours of enjoyment from this simple, but effective, exercise aid.

It is as practical as it is bouncy, with a useful raised design allowing for a better grip – ideal if you are starting to sweat! This hybrid ball has a dual return valve on the inside, which works to re-inflate the ball when dented by your exercises. This means it is always ready to be bounced again and again!

Superior Style from the Bison Hybrid Ball

The Bison Hybrid Ball is available in a range of weights, so that you can choose the ball that best suits your ability. Some exercises call for a lighter weight, whereas with others you can afford to go a little heavier. Make sure you choose the right size by paying attention to the colour of the ball. Every 14-inch Bison Ball is black with a different colour stripe, depending on the weight. Pay attention when you pick up your ball to ensure you get the most from your workout.

The Bison Hybrid Ball should be on every gym ball rack, presenting a professional and elegant style. Ideal for both experienced athletes or those new to exercising, be sure to choose your workouts carefully and have fun with your new bouncy gym partner!


Colour – Black with different colour scheme dependant on weight (See Pictures)

Size – Diameter 14IN

Warranty – 12 MONTHS

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