Bison Prowler


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Bison Prowler

Enhance muscular engagement and develop strength with the redesigned Bison Prowler by Wolverson. Buy it now online or in store from D8 Fitness.

The sled’s new design fits into into any functional environment. Use it in both individual and group training settings.

Further, the Wolverson prowler is perfect for a variety of push exercises. As a result, users experience enhanced muscular engagement and develop strength in your legs, hips, core and arms.

The newly designed sled is solid, sturdy and reliable. It features top quality materials and a heavy duty base. Its compact design is both tough and versatile, making it ideal for a variety of exercises. Use the sled for push and pulls or speed training on almost any surface. It’s also great for cooperative team workouts. Push your group classes, amateur players, or professional teams to the max with the bison prowler.

The bison prowler’s new design also allows for effortless storage and movement. Its built-in handle and cavity let you load and remove plates easily and efficiently. Consequently, you save valuable time when using the prowler in any interval training.

A newly added ladder system resembles that found in the Wolverson Power sled. This unique design offers a variety of options in loading and using the bison prowler. It also offers users the ability to use a wider, narrow and deeper grip.

Further enhance your workout by adding a Wolverson harness pack to your purchase. The harness loop also doubles as a shoulder harness for complete flexibility.


  • Height – 83cm
  • Width – 57cm
  • Length – 75cm
  • Weight loadable – 50cm
  • Total weight 37kg
  • No fixings or bolts to assemble

Also available with a shoulder harness pack.

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Weight 31 kg


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