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Helping to ensure your deadlifts are safe and well-structured, the Bison Trap Bar is an essential purchase for serious weightlifters. Providing a strong a sturdy platform for you to hang your weights on, this piece of equipment centralises the weight. This allows you to maintain a healthy form as you lift.

About the Bison Trap Bar

Unlike many similar products, you can simply walk in and out of this open-ended bar. This is also useful if you wish to perform lunges, presses and rows, adding an extra layer of versatility to the design. There are multiple handles to aid in your lifting, including one on the end that allows you to stand the bar up to add weights. High/low side handles allow for different grips, increasing the diverse range of movements that are possible.

The knurled grips have a neutral finish in an effort to protect the shoulders. The Bison Trap Bar measures 600mm deep and 900mm wide, giving plenty of space for most body shapes. It weighs 30kg and can load an additional 350kg, so it should satisfy the needs of most lifters for quite some time! It fits a plate size of 48mm only and has been powder coated for a professional look. The Bison Trap Bar comes with a two-year warranty so you can purchase with confidence, knowing any issues will be quickly resolved.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Bar?

If you are new to lifting or are looking to take your weights to the next level, a trap bar might be the ideal tool. Unlike standard bars, this product brings the weight underneath you, instead of in front of you. This places less pressure on your back and encourages a better lifting posture. This placement also allows you to lift heavier weights, while improving both your grip strength and power.


  • Fits Olympic sized plate 48mm
  • Internal Depth 600mm
  • Internal Width 900mm
  • Handle Gap – 820mm
  • Loading Sleeves – 480mm on each side
  • Total Width 1.8m
  • Weight 30KG
  • Max Load 400kg
  • High-Quality Black Powder-Coated Finish
  • Knurling on all Handles
  • Handle Clearance 78mm
  • Top Handle 33mm Diamater
  • Side Handle 28mm Diamater


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Weight 150 kg


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