Premium Black Battling Rope

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Black Battling Rope 50″ x 15 meter x 20kg

Looking to mix up your traditional weightlifting regimen? This Black Battling Rope 48mm” x 15 meter takes your workout to the next level by challenging all your body’s systems, from cardiovascular to nervous to limbic and more.

Battling ropes give you an opportunity to add a fun and highly interactive element to your daily routine, making them ideal for a wide variety of physical training, from crossfit acolytes, professional athletes and strength and conditioning courses to firefighters, paramedics and other high-energy jobs.

The ends of the battling rope have been heat shrunk for better grip. Just wrap the rope around a pole, squat rack or rig and get to work. You’ll feel the burn in no time.

Two Sizes to choose from

38mm thick x 9meter x 7.5kg

38mm thick x 12meter x 11.5kg

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BattleRope for beginners

Additional information

Weight 30 kg



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