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The Dorian Yates Black Bombs are the ultimate fat burning supplements. These potent tablets include a powerful mix of fat burning, energy boosting and appetite zapping ingredients to ensure success in your weight loss efforts.

About Black Bombs

These weight-busting tablets are made up of many proven ingredients. Berberine HCL gives the tablets their yellow colour while helping to break down sugars in the body. It is great for metabolism and also works to slow the breakdown of carbohydrates so that you feel fuller for longer. Capsicum works to break down fat cells and decrease appetite, while also working to prevent bloating.

Teacrine and caffeine help to boost energy, while theobromine increases the incidence of good cholesterol within the body. Chromium picolinate has been shown to decrease cravings and appetite.

Take two tablets a day to assess tolerance levels. Make sure to always consult a medical professional before beginning any kind of supplement series.


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