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Brutal Anadrol is a pre-workout supplement targeted at men who want to boost their performance. It provides the energy and stamina required to go that little bit further in every exercise session.

About Brutal Anadrol

This BioTech USA supplement contains 12 active ingredients to help enhance your fitness efforts. It contains L-arginine, Ca-AKG (Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate) and creatine monohydrate, which are all regularly used in pre-workout formulas. They are well-known to help increase muscle strength and aid in recovery after exercise. These tablets also have seven plant extracts and caffeine derived from green tea to help boost energy and concentration in your movements.

It is free from steroids, hormones, prohormones, gluten and lactose, as well as GMOs and titanium dioxide. One serving is three capsules, which can be taken daily with water. Each tub contains 90 capsules or 30 servings.

With any dietary supplements, we recommend you consult a medical professional before starting a course.


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