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Callus Remover Kit

This corn and callus remover is a unique tool designed for the safe and effective removal of calluses and hardened skin, to leave skin feeling soft and smooth, a must have for every athlete to keep those hands healthy for your fitness regime.


  • The blade can be easily removed for cleaning, suitable for both professional and personal use
  • Stainless steel head with plastic handle
  • Great for removing hard skin, cuticle, corn and cutting callous
  • A pack of 10 brand new German made disposable blades is also included



Soak hands/feet in warm soapy water to soften hard skin. Dry hands and feet thoroughly. Gently glide shaver across the corn or callus to remove layers of hard, dead skin. Use a silicon carbide file to soften and smooth skin.



  • Use with extreme caution as blade is very sharp!
  • Do not use on warts or verrucous
  • Do not use on sensitive, damaged or inflamed skin
  • Never use on live skin
  • Apply light pressure to avoid injury
  • If the product becomes damaged, stop use immediately
  • Only use the replacement blades provided
  • Carefully wipe clean after every use



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