Chalk Bowl – Keep Your Gym Clean!


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Chalk Bowl

A chalk bowl provides athletes with easy access to improved grip strength and sweat absorption. Reap the benefits of both with this freestanding chalk stand, available now online or in store from D8 Fitness.
Why get a chalk bowl? Firstly, chalk bowls help athletes chalk up faster. Most importantly, though, they enable athletes to chalk up cleaner. Your training studio or gym benefits from both with this smartly designed chalk bowl. Forget the mess of chalk bars simply lying about. Gone, too, are the shallow containers that leave athletes and clients “chalking up” over the floor instead of over the bowl.

How does it work?

The freestanding fixture features a mostly enclosed bowl atop a sturdy t-stand pedestal. The chalk stand covers both the chalk and hands. As a result, both loose chalk and the resulting chalk dust stay in the bowl instead of falling to the floor or getting in your eyes. Another key point is the bowl’s strategic design. It sits at just the right height, making it easier and cleaner for your clients or athletes to get completely prepped before lifting or using other equipment use. The bowl accommodates space for hands of all sizes, including extra large hands. Accordingly, athletes get maximum grip while you’re spared maximum mess.

Materials include a tough and durable polyethylene structure and a base frame made from powder coated steel. Rubber feet provide traction and stability, Matt Black Powder Coated Frame. Dimensions come in at 20.47 inches wide by 17.3228 inches deep by 41.73 inches high.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, this bowl is ideal for use in both commercial training facilities and gyms as well as home studios. Included in each package: Gym Chalk Bowl With Chalk Bar, Strong Steel Stand With Base Frame. Maintain a clean and organized exercise space with this freestanding chalk stand.

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