Collars for Body Pump Bar


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Collars for Body Pump Bar

Searching for just the right fit? Our Body Pump Bar Collars are designed specifically to fit standard cardio pump bars.

Important Note: These collars will NOT fit your 1” weightlifting bar.

Sometimes the simplest tool is also the most effective. These steel spring collars offer both stability and reliability to your cardio pump routine. They’ll clamp securely to your standard cardio pump bar and won’t slide during a workout, meaning you can lift safely without fear of injury or damage to your facility. Rubber-coated grips make it easy to squeeze and slide the collars on and off without pain or pinching.

Each set contains two (2) collars.

Cardio pump is a perfect way to combine cardio and strength training at home or in group exercises. It can also be utilized for a variety of exercises. In addition to standard lifts, you can also use cardio pump to increase the intensity during step workouts or other aerobic exercises. The versatility of the equipment combined with the plate’s bright visual appeal makes our cardio pump weight plates great for class or group workouts.

Please note: Collars are sold in pairs. Collar purchases do NOT include bumper plates, cardio pump bars or storage racks.

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