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Swing them up, swing them down, swing them side-to-side and around your head! Our Competition Kettlebell is not for the weak of mind – it will test your muscles and make your ache in ways you never knew was possible! A great addition to any workout, these unique weights can also be a lot of fun!

About Our Competition Kettlebell

Whether you are training at home or are looking to restock your gym’s offering, these weights are ideal. Available in a range of colours and sizes, from 8kg to 48kg, they are great for those just starting on their fitness journey, as well as competitive lifters. These professional-grade competition kettlebells meet all international standards, sized according to regulations.

No matter what weight you choose to use, all our kettlebells are the same size. This makes it easy to store them neatly and also ensures continuity with shape as you progress in your kettlebell-lifting journey. Each weight will rest in exactly the same place during an exercise, no matter which one you choose, enabling you to focus on your posture. Different weights are still easy to identify, thanks to the clever colour coding system. The competition kettlebells have a superior steel shell, balanced with precision, with a flat base for stability. The bell is polished to a smooth, shiny finish, with an unpainted handle for best grip.

Why Use Kettlebell Weights?

Ketllebell workouts are fantastic for building strength, endurance and power, enhancing a number of movements that can also work with body weight alone. They are great for improving flexibility as you swing the competition kettlebell round at different angles. When it comes to stabilisation and balance, these weights can truly test your core. Add these kettlebells to your workout accessories for Girevoy Sports or personal training. They are an essential tool for anyone wanting to add weights to their exercise routine.

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