Cooln Tape Cold Compression Wrap


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Cooln Tape Cold Compression Wrap

Get cold compression therapy without refrigeration or a freezer. Buy Cooln Tape Cold Compression Wrap from D8 Fitness, available now online or in store.

This revolutionary product provides protection, refrigerant and compression. Further, the bandage features self-adhesive and self-adaptive technology. Use it up to 15 times and wear it for hours at a time. Recharge it after extended wear. Simply use water or an ice cube to charge it again. Additional features include its odor-free and non-toxic properties. The product also features anti-microbial technology and is latex-free.

Use it for immediate swelling and pain relief. Treat sprains, strains and acute & chronic inflammation. Relieve the pain of arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Do all this safely and without discomfort.

Other key highlights of Cooln Tape Cold Compression Wrap:

  • Cooln Tape requires no refrigeration. This makes it easy to use and take with you on the go.
  • The tape contains no toxins or irritants. Wear it directly against your skin for house. It is also appropriate for all ages.
  • Cold compression provides a consistent cooling temperature between 15C/59F to 18C/65F for 6-8 Hours.
  • The cooling technology happens through evaporation. As a result, there is no feeling of wetness.
  • Cooln tape contains no menthol or alcohol additives. Therefore, it’s completely odorless.
  • It’s also non-toxic. This product contains no harmful chemicals or active ingredients.
  • What’s more, antimicrobial properties built into the product provide protection against germs.
  • Cooln Tape is latex-free tape. Wearing it will not irritate your skin.

Reuse Cooln Tape until the gel is exhausted. Apply it easily to all areas. Simply cut it to size. This tape requires no clips or attachments. Its self-adhering properties stick directly to your skin.

Finally, Cooln Tape wraps completely around the affected area. As a result, it cools evenly from all sides.

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