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Set your core on fire and boost your fitness like never before with our Core Sliders. A strong core is at the heart of all exercise routines, helping to stabilise and balance while supporting your body. Use these clever tools to improve your lower back and abs so that you are unstoppable in your workouts.

About The Core Sliders

These easy-to-use double-sided discs will increase the difficulty of almost every exercise move. They can be used on any surface, whether you workout on carpet, tiles, wooden floor or track and are easy to grip for the most confident movements. Small, sleek and black, they are a chic addition to your gym bag and are lightweight and compact enough to transport.

How to Use Your Discs

The Core Sliders are a simple addition to any workout. Simply use them underneath your hands and feet when doing push-ups, planks or mountain sliders, to name a few exercises, and you’ll feel the burn in your core as you work to stabilise yourself. These discs provide a full body workout, testing muscles in your arms, legs, shoulders and glutes, as well as your stomach. When used correctly, you’ll notice your muscles are engaged the entire time, helping to improve stamina and strength.

To really push the intensity of your workout, use your core sliders in collaboration with resistance bands. The added pressure on your muscles will force them to work harder than ever before!

Core sliders are a cheap and effective way to boost your workouts. They are ideal for beginners and pros, challenging even the most seasoned of athletes. They are also low impact, relying completely on body weight to get the best results, so they are ideal for those who are worried about their joints.

Brand: Bear Komplex

2 x sliders, sold in pairs

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