Customized Skipping Rope Cut to Size (In Store Only)



Customized Skipping Rope Cut to Size (In Store Only)*

Get the most out of your skipping rope routine with a customized skipping rope. Get one cut to size to fit your specific measurements. Only available in store from D8 Fitness.

It’s especially important to ensure your skipping rope measurements are comparable to your body’s dimensions. Because of the variance in the length of the people’s legs, arms, and torso, a generic sizing method doesn’t work perfectly.

A proper rope fitting consists of two main measurements:

  • Static Rope Length: This refers to the actual length of a jump rope when it is not in motion. The sizing chart below offers a rough guide to ideal static rope lengths.
  • Dynamic Rope Length: Dynamic Rope Length refers to the length of the jump rope in motion.  Due to movement, an athlete’s mechanics can influence the effective length of the rope.

For any sizing method to work, it is very important that the jumper is using proper form when using a jump rope. Most importantly, the hands are just in front of the hip bones and not held out wide when jumping. Our experts watch you as you jump to determine the right length for your customized skipping rope.
Even more noteworthy is how you will use your skipping rope. There may be different ideal measurements depending on if you are performing general fitness routines, speed jumping or freestyle.

For in-store purchases:* Get easy and exact measurements. If you purchase your skipping rope at our D8 Fitness store, we’ll take your measurements for both static and dynamic lengths and cut the customized skipping rope to spec there on site.

*Offer good for customized skipping rope purchases made in our retail location only. Not valid for online purchases.  Other restrictions may apply. Visit our online store to see our complete line of skipping ropes and jump ropes also available for purchase online.


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