Floss Band Black – 1.5mm x 5cm x 7ft


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Floss Band Black – 1.5mm x 5cm x 7ft

The Floss Band Black, also known as a Voodoo Floss Band,  has quickly become an essential performance tool for athletes and serious trainers.  Improve range, restore joint mechanics, or unglue matted down or previously injured tissue with our D8-branded floss band.

This compressive rubber bandage helps resolve fascial restrictions in the extremities.

What is Voodoo floss and how does it work?

Voodoo flossing is the process of wrapping a muscle group or joint very tightly using a voodoo floss band while stretching or performing certain exercises. As a result, voodoo flossing improves mobility and increases strength in the wrapped area. Such constriction prevents further inflammation of joints and connective tissue, as well as constricting blood flow for a bit. Remove teh voodoo floss and blood flows back to the area. For joints with large amounts of connective tissue, such as elbows and knees, flossing allows the blood to flush away some of the excess white blood cells that are further making the inflamed area worse.


There are 3 primary ways to use the Official D8 Fitness Floss Band

  • Wrap an area to contract the underlying tissue (contract and relax). You’ll experience a mild pull on both the superficial and deep fascial layers. This method also causes ischemia in the tissue. As a result, blood flushes to the area after the band is removed.
  • Wrap an area and apply additional rotation to the tissue while contracting the underlying tissue. More significant changes to the superficial and deep fascia.
  • Wrap a joint and take it through its full range of motion. Doing this stretches the joint capsule and increases the synovial fluid (nutrient rich lubricant) in the joint.


Each roll is composed of continuous latex and measures:

  • 1.5mm thick
  • 7ft long
  • 2″ width


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PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons, you may not return or exchange bands that have been opened or removed from their plastic packaging. Please check your band order before opening the package to ensure you’ve received the right or desired product.


Watch this video to better understand the use of this floss band:

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