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The Official D8 Fitness Pack

Our official D8 Fitness Pack features everything you need to get started on your weighlifting training or crossfit training. The fitness pack contains the following items: 1 Leather Belt, 1 Leather Dip Belt, 2 Wrist Supports, 2 Knee Wraps, 1 Pair of Workout Gloves, 1 Pair of Leather Grips, and a BVA-Free Fitness Shaker.

Each item contained in our official D8 Fitness Pack is stylishly designed in our brand colors (blue & black) and features the D8 Fitness logo. We have specifically chosen the items to fit the needs of both an experienced weightlifter and a novice.

What’s In It?

Our D8 Fitness Pack contains the following items:

  • Leather Belt: Our all-leather weighlifting belt features a 2-pronged roller buckle and multiple settings for a comfortable, stable fit. Its soft suede lining adds extra comfort during wear. Available in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large.
  • Leather Dip Belt: Our premium leather dip belt lets you add weight to increase resistance during lifts. It’s great for performing dips, chin-ups, lunges and other exercises. One size fits all.
  • Wrist Supports: Our D8 Fitness wrist supports are made from cotton elastic for an ultra-comfortable fit with less rubbing and chafing.
  • Knee Wraps: Stay injury-free or get extra support during workouts with our cotton elastic knee wraps.
  • Fitness Gloves: Protect your hands from rips and calluses with our official D8 Fitness Gloves.
  • Leather Grips: Support your wrists while protecting your hands from rips and tears with our all-leather grips.
  • Fitness Shaker: Get the ultimate mix for all your supplement and workout needs with our branded shaker from D8 Fitness. Our leak proof shaker cup is BVA-free and will keep you nutritionally hydrated no matter where you are.

Get started out on your weightlifting or crossfit training the right way with our official D8 Fitness Pack.

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