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D8 Fitness Weightlifting Gloves

Grip the weights with confidence with the D8 Fitness Weightlifting Gloves. Designed to keep your hands protected from rips, rubs and calluses, these original gloves give you the look of a professional athlete.

Weightlifting Gloves for Intense Athletes

Designed to support your hands during periods of intense training, these weightlifting gloves will improve your grip while keeping your hands comfortable and protected from the pressure. Whether you prefer heavy free-weights or need a little extra grip on the pull-up bar, these gloves are sure to deliver.

Engineered for regular use, these gloves have everything you need for premium grip. The most important feature of the D8 Fitness Weightlifting Gloves is the mesh construction. It runs along the back of your hands and on the palm to wick sweat away from the body. This also allows for maximum breathability so your hands stay dry, cool and in control as you lift. Special attention has been given to the finger holes, which are reinforced with padded leather. This is to elongate the lifespan of your gloves, allowing them to serve you for many years to come. The thumb is super soft, to absorb any moisture in the palm.

Made to Build Muscle

Exclusive to D8 Fitness, our weightlifting gloves are made with a variety of materials, including leather, nylon, polyester, cotton and spandex. Each section of fabric is essential, ensuring you can grip bars and weights without slipping and hurting yourself.

Meanwhile, the gloves stay safe and secure on your hands with the use of two velcro straps. Fasten the straps at the base of the palm and around the wrist for a tight fit and maximum security.



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