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The Dip Belt is a simple tool that enhances your dips and boosts your chest, shoulders and back muscles. By adding extra weight to this small but effective movement, you can quickly tone and strengthen that upper body. It has the additional benefit of amplifying your core strength and stability.

About the Dip Belt (Leather)

The black leather belt hugs the body for a safe and secure fit, giving you the confidence to work harder. The padded back panel ensures a comfortable wear without putting too much pressure on the back. Meanwhile, the double stitching makes for a stronger and more durable belt that can help you to lift heavier than ever before.

The heavy-duty, long steel chain is tough and hard-wearing, able to withstand heavy weights with ease. It easily unclips from the leather in order to add weights. Once a weight is added, this force is used to tighten the belt around your waist so that it doesn’t move as you go through your exercises. This makes for a customised fit so that one size can accommodate all body shapes and sizes. However, we recommend only experienced athletes use a Dip Belt in their routines.

Best Practise for Using this Exercise Tool

If you are just beginning on your fitness journey, you should practice dips and other similar movements without weights to focus on form and posture. Once you have mastered the technique, you can look at adding a Dip Belt to your movements. You do need a certain amount of core strength in order to use this safely and effectively. Be sure to add weights a little at a time, to build up your muscles.

If you feel any pain or discomfort during use, remove the belt immediately to protect your back. You can then work on building up more strength in your core before trying again.


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