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The Door Pull-Up Gym Bar offers the ultimate in convenient fitness. Use on any door in your home or add it to your floor-based workouts to target your upper body muscles.

About the Door Pull-Up Gym Bar

Created with quality in mind, the Powerball bars are made to the most professional standard. Ideal for home use, you can practise gym-type moves like pull ups and chin ups without leaving the house!

Each bar has been equipped with non-slip padding that makes for the most comfortable hold. It also allows for a stronger grip as you attempt to lift your body from the floor. The dual-level steel bar is great for households with taller athletes, allowing them to challenge themselves with an extra 20cm of height. The heavy duty door pull-up gym bar makes for a stable hold that encourages confidence while working out.

Suitable for men and women of all fitness levels, this makes a great addition to any home workout regime.

How to Use Your

To attach the door pull-up gym bar to your door frame, simply pull out the bar hooks at the end. There is no need for any tools or other equipment and durable rubber pads prevent the bar marking the wall. This bar is only suitable for doors with a width of 70-90cm x 12-21cm – any larger and it will become unsafe for use.

Once in place, you can use the bar to practice pull-ups or chin-ups. You can also easily remove the bar and add it to your floor routine. Use it to elevate your planks and push ups. This is a great piece of equipment for targeting the upper body, especially the chest, arms, shoulders and back.

After use, the door pull-up gym bar simply folds away for storage.

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