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A machine so good that you feel as though you are running on air, the Elite Air Runner is a premium product. Ideal for a professional gym environment, it certainly looks the part. The sleek black design is elegant and inviting, while the hard-wearing construction works to put fitness fans through their paces!

About the Elite Air Runner

Designed to delight experienced athletes, the non-motorised style mimics the sensation of running outdoors. You are always in control, with the belt moving to suit your pace. You’ll burn more calories than on a traditional motorised treadmill while the shock absorbent belt helps to reduce injury. There is no speed limit – the Elite Air Runner will keep up with you, no matter how fast you run,

Other features include two water bottle holders – ideal for when you are testing endurance. Built-in technology allows you to personalise your running experience and connect to the Assault fitness app. There are two wide panels on either side of the belt for placing your feet during breaks.

The Elite Air Runner has been built to the highest quality standards. Made to last, this sturdy machine doesn’t need plugging in and comes with a lifetime belt warranty. Non-slip hand grips help you to hold on and maintain proper form, while integrated wheels mean you can move it all over the gym if needed. The entire machine has been treated with a rust-resistant top coat.

The Benefits of a Curved Treadmill

You are probably used to running on a flat treadmill, but there are many benefits to be enjoyed with an Elite Air Runner. As well as burning more calories in each session, you’ll also work a wider variety of muscle groups. These machines are also great at improving posture and technique, so that you are less likely to experience injury as a result of your workout.


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