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The Elite Assault Air Bike is more than ready to stand up to the stresses and strains of the gym! Ready for constant commercial use, this bike is more durable than its predecessors. It is also lower maintenance, with less downtime than any other model.

About the Elite Assault Air Bike

The most elegant machine in any gym facility, this bike has a sleek, contemporary design that catches the eye. It is heavier than other stationary bikes and far larger, making for the most stable cycle possible. This sturdy nature makes for a more pleasurable ride, so that even the most intense of cyclists can meet their fitness edge. Despite this bigger design, the elite assault air bike does not take up any more space than a traditional model, so you can squeeze the maximum amount of bikes into your gym space.

The air bike is made of the highest quality powder coated steel, carefully weighted for the minimum amount of movement. The seat is large and comfortable, suiting both men and women. Meanwhile the pedals and cartridge bearings have been reinforced for comfort.


What’s Special About this Air Bike?

Connect your mobile to the Elite Assault Air Bike via Bluetooth and access all the features of your workout. The new and improved LCD display shows your heart rate and calories burnt, as well as the time you have been riding and the theoretical distance you have covered. There are programmes for different types of workout, including HIIT.

Use this bike to work both your upper and lower body, with the ability to cycle both forwards and backwards and a new and improved arm crank. The handlebars can be adjusted to suit your workout needs, while the windscreen helps to protect against unwanted air movement.

D8 Fitness is pleased to be able to offer a commercial warranty of two years.

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