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The Elite Waist Back Support has been created to bring pain relief and comfort to the lumbar region. The lower back is an area of the body particularly susceptible to pain and aches, meaning that many people require a little extra support. Whenever you start to feel a twinge in your back, this brace can give you the stability you require.

About the Elite Waist Back Support

The materials used in the construction of this support have been carefully selected to ensure maximum efficiency. The outer layer is made of 100% nylon, chosen for its fantastic stretch and quick recovery. It is also very water-resistant, making it easy to wash and dry after use. The inner core is 100% breathable neoprene which is incredibly durable and hard-wearing. Together, the fabrics in this waist back support work to provide both comfort and compression to the affected area. The warming nature of the wrap-around design soothes the back so you can continue with your daily activities.

The support wraps around the body like a belt, making it easy to fit and adjust. It is secured with Velcro for the most reliable wear. Lightweight and discrete, you can wear the waist back support underneath your clothing without being distracted by a bulky construction.

Do You Need a Lumbar Brace?

This back support is a fantastic product for anyone experiencing tension or pain in the lower back area. Whether it is a new injury or something more chronic, it can provide the relief that you need. It is suitable for both men and women of all shapes and sizes, easily adjusted to fit your back.

The waist back support is machine washable and soft to the touch. This makes it a pleasure to wear and easy to clean. This kind of warmth and compression has had proven success in reducing pain in the lower back.

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