Elite Waist Back Support

Elite Waist Back Support


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Support your Back and Waist with our Elite Support.

This back pain relief brace has been specifically designed to provide warmth, support and stability to the lower back and waist area to help relieve pain and discomfort.

Our support is fully adjustable and provides a level of comfort and compression to the affected area.

Easy to fit, wrap the support around the lower back and waist like a belt, adjust as required and secure with velcro straps.

Why Choose Waist Back Support?

The pain relief support brace is a versatile, easy-to-use product designed with practicality, versatility and comfort in mind.

This adjustable waist support is suitable for both men and women, fitting all sizes and machine washable.

They are manufactured with Breathable neoprene inner layer and 100% nylon outer layer. Our back support may be worn for a range of daily work and recreational activities. 

The Elite Waist Back Support is made breathable neoprene inner core and 100% nylon outer layer, the material is soft to the touch and fully breathable. 

The Elite Waist Back Support is proven to be effective and is recommended in the treatment of back pain where warmth, compression and stability are needed.


  • The Lower Back and Waist Support is designed to provide the back with support and warmth to help ease pain and discomfort.
  • Recommended for back pain where warmth, compression and stabilisation are required.
  • Suitable for wear during daily work and recreational activities.
  • Manufactured from elite airflow material.
  • Comfort and a basic level of support.
  • Unisex support. One size fits all. Fully adjustable. 
  • Fitting instructions included.

Please Note: Before purchasing any type of support, we recommend that you consult your GP, Physio or therapist for advice.


Colour: Blue

Materials: 100% nylon / 100% breathable neoprene

Made in the UK

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