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The strong, tough 66fit Exercise Tubes are a super-sturdy alternative to resistance bands. They are worthy of the most intensive workouts, while supporting gentler movements for rehabilitation. Use in place of dumbbells, with the tubes helping you to control your movements and work those muscles. A great choice for people of all ages and fitness levels.

About the 66fit Exercise Tubes

The brand behind the tubes, 66fit, is well-known for its fitness tools. Renowned throughout the world for their commitment to quality and design, they have put the same dedication into creating these tubes. Each one is braided with a tough TPR material for an incredibly strong design. Lightweight and practical, they are easy to move around, store and transport. However, they feel like a heavy dumbbell when used in your workouts, helping to strengthen and tone your body.

The handles are covered in foam to ensure a comfortable and secure grip. These removable bars make for easier and more confident use.

Why Should You Use These in Your Workouts?

The 66fit Exercise Tubes are a great choice for a wide variety of workouts. They are used to boost strength, mobility and rehabilitation. Used by weightlifters and in Pilates sessions, the tubes create a low impact way to exercise. Work your entire body with ease using this small, simple device. One move to use is to stand on the centre of the tube and then hold the handles while performing a bicep curl. Alternatively, hook the tube over something steady and strong and use it to add an extra layer of difficulty to your squat jumps. The possibilities are endless and interesting, so you won’t ever get bored. Choose your target area and then perform your usual workout move, using the tubes to add an extra layer of difficulty.

The 66fit Exercise Tubes improve focus, form and control, making them your perfect workout partner.

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