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A fantastic addition to your Pilates workout, these weights from Fitness Mad will put your body to the test! They will add an extra layer of difficulty to your Pilates movements, encouraging growth within your fitness level.

About the Fitness Mad Pilates Weights

These weights come in three different sizes: 0.5kg, 1kg, 1.5kg, so you can continue to progress once you have mastered the smaller weight. Each soft PVC ball measures 12cm in diameter and is filled with sand to bring it to the desired heaviness. The soft, smooth make-up of the Fitness Mad Pilates Weights means there is less risk of injury should you accidently drop one. It also helps to boost your hand strength, as you have to hold on a little tighter to secure your grip. The material is completely free from Phlatates, DOP and Latex, making it a great choice for anyone with allergies or sensitivities to fabric.

The round shape of these Fitness Mad weights is generally preferable to dumbbells for Pilates. This is due to the more fluid range of movement offered. The fact that these weights do not increase in size is also useful, as you will find it easier to adjust to the weight as you move up a size.

Why Do You Need Weights in Pilates?

The Fitness Mad Pilates Weights are a great addition to your workout. While Pilates tends to focus on bodyweight exercises, the addition of soft weights can quickly increase the difficulty of your workout. They are useful for strengthening and mobilisation, as well as balance training and plyometrics.

Working with these small weights from Fitness Mad allows you to increase strength without adding bulk. This is something that many women worry about when beginning weight training. The intention of Pilates is to tone and enhance endurance and these weights are a wonderful way to do this.

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