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The Fitness Speed Rope from D8 allows you to skip harder, faster and smarter. Perfectly crafted to help you get the most out of every skipping workout, this rope is lightweight, portable and fully adjustable. It is a fantastic tool for all.

About the D8 Fitness Speed Rope

Everything about this skipping rope will maxiumise speed so you can really work up a sweat! The Fitness Speed Rope ergonomic anti-slip handles offer a soft, comfortable hold. You won’t slip or have achy palms and you can skip for hours without concerning your hands. There are swivel ball bearings at the join and the handles absorb sweat. This helps you to keep a tight grip.

The rope itself is thoughtfully manufactured. It won’t kink or tangle in storage, so you can put it away without worrying about the knots you’ll have to untie next time you need it. It is easy to adjust, so you can pull the length to suit your height and arm length. The D8 Fitness Speed Rope is incredibly lightweight and easy to transport, so it is ideal for the athlete who is always on the go.

What to Expect From Your Rope

Your premium Fitness Speed Rope comes with a convenient travel bag that makes for tidy storage and transportation. The choice of two ropes are effortlessly interchanged and you also receive fail-safe durable handles.

Skipping is one of the very best exercises you can do for an all-over cardio workout. Speed skipping, in particular, challenges coordination and concentration, fine-tuning the body as you work to get faster and faster. Your D8 Fitness Speed Rope will improve your footwork and endurance, so you are better able to step up to fitness challenges in the gym. Ideal for both professional athletes such as boxers and beginners, anyone can skip – all you need is a premium quality rope just like this one!

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