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The compact and robust Floor Glute Machine can be moved, easily adjusted and thus the perfect fitness machine for strong buttocks, lower back, hamstrings, calves and abdominal muscles. The smart design gives a lot of flexibility during training and therefore less pressure on the knees or the lower back.

By training with the Floor Glute Machine you can also significantly improve your squat, deadlift and overall strength. Add Newton Fitness to your gym and go for results and quality.

Exercises possible:
  • Hip Drive
  • Bottoms-Up Lunge
  • Hip Thrust
  • Glute Ham Raise
  • Back Raises
  • Straight Leg Sit ups
  • Bilateral Leg Lifts
  • One leg Glute Ham Raises
  • One Leg Back Raise
  • Side Bending Torso Training
  • Russian Twists
Important features:
  • Glute and Hamstring exercises, leg and abdominal exercises
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Adjustable pads
  • Built to accommodate even the biggest athletes.
  • Roller pads are designed to optimize comfort for the user.

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